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1200 : Arts and Humanities

1200  :  Arts and Humanities

Humanities are the branches of knowledge that are concerned with humans and their cultures or with analytical methods of inquiry based on an appreciation for human values and of the unique ability of the human spirit to express itself. The Humanities distinguish themselves from the Physical and Biological Sciences as a group of educational disciplines, and the Social Sciences to a slightly lesser degree. The Humanities consist of Languages, Literature, Arts, History and Philosophy. In many colleges and universities, the Humanities are organized as a school or administrative division.

The arts are a very wide range of human practices of creative expression, storytelling and cultural participation. They encompass multiple diverse and plural modes of thinking, doing and being, in an extremely broad range of media. Both highly dynamic and a characteristically constant feature of human life, they have developed into innovative, stylized and sometimes intricate forms. This is often achieved through sustained and deliberate study, training and/or theorizing within a particular tradition, across generations and even between civilizations. The arts are a vehicle through which human beings cultivate distinct social, cultural and individual identities while transmitting values, impressions, judgments, ideas, visions, spiritual meanings, patterns of life and experiences across time and space.

Arts and Humanities (Journal list)
1200 General Arts and Humanities
1201 Arts and Humanities (miscellaneous)
1202 History
1203 Language and Linguistics
1204 Archaeology
1205 Classics
1206 Conservation
1207 History and Philosophy of Science
1208 Literature and Literary Theory
1209 Museology
1210 Music
1211 Philosophy
1212 Religious studies
1213 Visual Arts and Performing Arts

List of Subjects:

  • Human Geography
  • Behavioral Geography
  • Cognitive Geography
  • Cultural Geography
  • Development Geography
  • Economic Geography
  • Health Geography
  • Historical Geography
  • Language Geography
  • Mathematical Geography
  • Marketing Geography
  • Military Geography
  • Political Geography
  • Population Geography
  • Religion Geography
  • Social Geography
  • Strategic Geography
  • Time Geography
  • Tourism Geography
  • Transport Geography
  • Urban Geography
  • Integrated Geography
  • Clean Energy
  • Air and Oceans
  • Comments