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Scopus Institution Profile Wizard

 by Rachel McCullough

We are excited to announce a new tool, the Institution Profile Wizard, now available on Scopus.
The Institution Profile Wizard allows institutions to modify their affiliation profiles and correct their organizational hierarchies to ensure the correct set of affiliation profiles are grouped together and displayed on Scopus.
As Scopus institutional publication data is included in various ranking methodologies (e.g. Times Higher Education World University Rankings, QS World University Rankings), this tool allows for greater accuracy when reporting institutional data.  Scopus publication and citation data also powers SciVal.
To get started, please fill out and submit this form. This will allow us to connect you with your local Scopus account team.
Please note that in order to access the Institution Profile Wizard, users (no more than three per institution) will have to  provide a signed authorization letter from the institution (the letter will be provided upon submitting this form).
An authorized Institution Profile Wizard user should have:
  • Familiarity with Scopus
  • Awareness of the institution’s organizational hierarchy
  • Knowledge of all campus & satellite locations and their names
Once approved, Institution Profile Wizard users are able:
Modify hierarchy
  • Review/Update institutional hierarchy
  • Remove and add child institutions
Modify profile
  • Update preferred name and address details
  • Add addresses for multiple locations or in different languages
  • View, remove and add alternate names
Create profile
  • Request the creation of a new profile if one does not exist in Scopus

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