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Roa Iktissadia REVIEW

scopind, Roa Iktissadia REVIEW
Roa Iktissadia REVIEW

E-ISSN: 2437-0789
P-ISSN: 2253-0088
Country:  Algeria

Journal's description

Roa Iktissadia REVIEW International and specialized academic journal, semi-annually, published by the Faculty of Economic and Commercial Sciences and the Science of management, University of Hamma Lakhther Eloued.
The Magazine of Roa Iktissadia aimed at to contribute to the development and dissemination of knowledge, and the publication of original scientific research, scientific reviews in the fields of research and studies in the fields of economics, management and trade.
The concerns of magazine
Concerned with the magazine to publish the following:
1. Sober scientific research in the areas of specialization.
2. Research and critical studies that relate to the versions in the specialty areas of concern to the magazine.
3. The Researches, the reports and the scientific translations, display new books and review them.
Language of publication: The Researches are published in the Journal in the Arabic, English and French languages.

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