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High Impact Factor Artificial Intelligence(AI) Journals

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an emerging technology that refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines that are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. The increasing interest in this area among researchers gives more publication contributions to society. When it comes to journal publications, many publications are available in the area of AI and Machine Learning(ML). However, very few journals with high impact factor journals highly recognized by the scientific community. In this article, we provides the top High Impact Factor Artificial Intelligence(AI) Journals with H5 index detail.

List of Artificial Intelligence(AI) Journals with Impact Factor  

 TitleImpact FactorISSNJournal Website
1IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence19.420162-8828Website
2Physics of Life Reviews12.671571-0645Website
3IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems12.182162-237XWebsite
4Foundations and Trends in Machine Learning10.831935-8237Website
5IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems8.81063-6706Website
6Soft Robotics8.222169-5172Website
7IEEE Transactions on Cognitive Communications and Networking82332-7731Website
8International Journal of Robotics Research7.750278-3649Website
9International Journal of Computer Vision7.560920-5691Website
10Pattern Recognition7.350031-3203Website
11Artificial Intelligence Review7.260269-2821Website
12International Journal of Intelligent Systems6.981098-111XWebsite
13Information Sciences6.770020-0255Website
14Knowledge-Based Systems6.610950-7051Website
15Neural Networks6.60893-6080Website
16Expert Systems with Applications5.890957-4174Website
17IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica5.732329-9274Website
18Journal of Machine Learning Research5.311533-7928Website
19IEEE Computational Intelligence Magazine5.241556-603XWebsite
21Advanced Engineering Informatics5.121474-0346Website
22Integrated Computer-Aided Engineering5.061069-2509Website
23IEEE Intelligent Systems5.011541-1672Website
24Neural Computing and Applications4.680941-0643Website
25IEEE Transactions on Human-Machine Systems4.572168-2291Website
26Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing Research4.552449-6499Website
27Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence4.530952-1976Website
28Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing4.481572-8145Website
29Artificial Intelligence in Medicine4.470933-3657Website
30Autonomous Robots4.391573-7527Website
31Fuzzy Optimization and Decision Making4.331573-2908Website
32Journal of Memory and Language4.271096-0821Website
33Cognitive Psychology4.131095-5623Website
34International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics4.081868-808XWebsite
35Pattern Recognition Letters3.940167-8655Website
36Artificial Intelligence3.870004-3702Website
37ACM Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology3.822157-6912Website
38Frontiers in Neurorobotics3.791662-5218Website
39Design Studies3.630142-694XWebsite
40Swarm Intelligence3.631935-3812Website
41Journal of the ACM3.580004-5411Website
42International Journal of Artificial Intelligence3.550974-0635Website
43Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research3.41076-9757Website
44Fuzzy Sets and Systems3.340165-0114Website


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