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List of UGC CARE journals in Chemistry


List of UGC CARE journals in Chemistry

8 UGC Journals found for (Chemistry)
Journal TitlePublishereISSN
Analytical Chemistry LettersTaylor and Francis2230-7532
Asian Journal of Organic and Medicinal ChemistryAsian Publication Corporation2456-8937
Current Green ChemistryBentham Science Publishers2213-347X
Current Microwave ChemistryBentham Science Publishers2213-3364
Current Physical ChemistryBentham Science Publishers1877-9476
Journal of Nanostructure in ChemistrySpringer2193-8865
Malaysian Journal of ChemistryInstitute Kimia Malaysia2550-1658
Nanosystems: Physics, Chemistry, MathematicsSt. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics2305-7971

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