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Q4 Scopus Journals list

 Scopus Index Q4 Journals: You will be able to download the Q4 Scopus journals list. Scopus is Elsevier’s abstract and citation database launched in 2004. It covers nearly 36,377 titles from approximately 11,678 publishers.

Each subject category of journals is divided into four quartiles: Q1Q2Q3Q4Q1 contains the top 25% of journals in the list; Q2 is occupied by journals in the 25 to 50% group; Q3 contains journals in the 50 to 75% group and Q4 is occupied by journals in the 75 to 100% group.

List of Scopus indexed Q4 journals

The first 30 journals from the Q4 list are shown below. However, you can download the complete list of Q4 Scopus journals list.

S. No.
1Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy3.9
2Molecular and Cellular Probes3.0
3Methods in Cell Biology2.8
4Frontiers in Cell and Developmental BiologyOpen Access2.7
5Chemosensory Perception2.5
6Current Protocols in Stem Cell Biology2.5
7Journal of Smooth Muscle ResearchOpen Access2.5
8Stem Cell ResearchOpen Access2.4
9Archives Italiennes de Biologie2.3
10Current Protocols in Cell Biology2.3
11Genetic Testing and Molecular Biomarkers2.2
12Genetical ResearchOpen Access2.2
13IBRO Neuroscience ReportsOpen Access2.2
14Methods in Molecular BiologyOpen Access2.2
15Molecular Syndromology2.2
16Atomic SpectroscopyOpen Access2.1
17Critical Reviews in Oncogenesis2.1
18Genetics and Molecular Research2.1
19International Journal of Immunogenetics2.1
20Journal of Molecular Catalysis2.0
21Molecular and Cellular Oncology2.0
22Molecular Biology Research Communications2.0
23Molecular genetics & genomic medicine open Access2.0
24Journal of Indian Society of PeriodontologyOpen Access1.9
25Journal of Parasitic Diseases1.9
26Magnesium Research1.9
27Medical Journal of Cell Biology1.9
28Journal of Carbohydrate Chemistry1.8
29Journal of Genetics1.8
30Molecular Biology Reports1.8
List of Q4 journals

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