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Download Research Paper Format IEEE, Elsevier, Springer, all


Download Research Paper Format IEEE, Elsevier, Springer, all

Research paper template doc/ latex/ pdf: Download research paper format (research paper template doc/ pdf file) of IEEE, Elsevier, Springer, Taylor and Francis, other publishers.

Researchers put a lot of effort into writing a research paper. For a research paper to be of high quality, content along with its format is important. Research paper formatting makes the manuscript readable and understandable. The research paper is generally of three types:

  • a review article
  • an original one
  • and a report on a case study

The length of the review article is expected to be around six thousand words including all the figures and tables. An abstract of such paper is expected to be less than two-fifty words. While the length of an original article is expected to be about three thousand words excluding all the figures and tables. References should not be more than fifty. Abstract in the original article should also be around two hundred and fifty words. Case studies research papers should be less than 1500 words inclusive of figures and tables.

This blog post (download research paper format) aims to provide you with research paper formats of all major publishers in pdf/ doc format. researchers can download the research paper format in pdf/ word with a single click.

Formating a research paper

A research paper when printed should have dimensions of “8.5 x 11”. It should be printed on one side of the page only. The margins should be placed on all pages. “1 x 2.5” margins should be placed on the right, left, top, and bottom sides of all the pages. Guidelines mentioned by the handbook should be followed before writing a research paper of a particular format. On the title page name of the researcher along with the guide should be mentioned. The title should not be written entirely in capital letters.  Quotations should not be used while writing titles. Only proper nouns should be capitalized. Conjunctions, prepositions, and remaining words should be written in small letters. Numbering should be done on every page. Moreover, every paragraph should be numbered. For every word, there should be a single space. Also after every sentence, there should be a space. A title should be underlined. A table of contents covering all sections is a must.

IEEE research paper format download

The research paper formatting should be done based on the research field specifications. These are mentioned specifically on the IEEE website. For a research paper, the title should be written at the center on the first page. It must be in 24 point type. The byline has to be written below the title. It should have 10 point type. It should also include the author’s name, affiliation, location, and email id.

It is compulsory to include an abstract and table of contents for a research paper. The content of the body should be written in a 10 point type. A research paper must have nomenclature, notes to practitioners, appendices, and acknowledgments related to their specific research area. A research paper should be divided into sections. Primary headings of a section are numbered using roman numbers. Secondary and tertiary headings with capital letters and Arabic numerals respectively. Tables, equations, and figures must be numbered separately. An abstract is expected to be written around 200 words

 Download IEEE research paper format (doc)

Springer research paper format

For writing a research paper in springer format, it is essential to follow the guidelines of springer. These guidelines state that the abstract should be written in 150-250 words. Keywords used in the research paper must be separated by mid dots. A research paper should be prepared in Word or Latex. References should be done in Bbl. files.

Headings must be written at the top and aligned to left. They must be capitalized. The title should be written in 14 points bold style. Introduction and subheadings should be written in 12 points bold and 10 points bold style respectively.

The length of a long research paper can be from 10 to 20 pages. While short research papers should be around 6 pages. The research paper should be written in XML font. Papers with other fonts are converted into the desired ones by the typesetters of Springer.

Illustrations are expected to be clear and precise. Diagrams should have vector graphics. Equations should be written separately after a line space All the specifications should be strictly followed according to the guidelines mentioned by Springer for the authors.

Taylor and Francis word and latex template

For researchers who want to submit their research papers to “Taylor and Francis Online”, Below given are some important specifications:

The “Times New Roman” font with the size of 12 should be used while writing the content of the research paper. All the lines should be double spaced. Margins should be placed at 1 inch. The heading of the research paper should be written in bold. It should have all the starting letters of the words capitalized except for pronouns and conjunctions. The abstract should be written around 200 words. Keywords should be provided to enhance reading. At least six keywords are expected.

Headings should be written for all the sections. First-level headings must be written in bold letters. Followed by the second, third, and fourth level headings in italics. Tables and figures should be mentioned clearly as a list at the beginning of the research paper. Also, a note regarding the placing of tables should be written beforehand, while submitting the research paper.

All the other detailed information about formatting can be found on the guidelines by Francis and Taylor. The researchers need to check the guidelines of the specific journal before they submit their research papers. Some journals allow format-free submission. It is important to investigate the journal. Its style, audience, and format. It helps a researcher in designing his research paper according to the target journal. Hence choosing the right journal for publishing a research paper is important.

Elsevier Word & latex template

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