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What are the benefits of doing a PhD?


  • Many people comment on PhDians that are mad. Believe me, it is true. And I have been experienced it. But they never confess it.
  • Actually you will be realized it after completion of one year or more of your PhD. The reason is that you will be totally embarked in your study.
  • What other say you, whether anyone abuses or praising whatever, you will not be bothered. The thing is you will love your research work. You will be in your own world, having running experiments on your mind or any algorithms creating strategy.

There are many Benefits of doing a PhD.

  1. Independent.
  2. More career opportunities.
  3. Excitement
  4. Worth Knowledge
  5. Stipend
  6. PhD’s know how to deal with boss.
  7. Never afraid of failure, they learn from it.
  8. They create information.
  9. Practical experience.
  10. Self Motivated.
  11. Stable career.
  12. Patience.
  • At present, I am a PhD student in my fourth year in Computer Science. So I am able to write this post. After these years, I learned to think independently and learn how to solve the problems with liberty. And have excitement for seeking something new on every day.
  • I make you sure that You will have the lot of career opportunities after PhD as our Guides are witness, many companies will see you.
  • Moreover, you will get a monthly stipend ranging from Rupees 15000 to 35000 for you study and research work. For it, you don’t have to do any job or any type of work.
  • Worth Knowledge: After a year embarking in PhD, you have enough knowledge in your concerning subject.
  • You can concentrate on other things also, as i love blogging and Gym.
  •  You will love your life rather than money.
  •  Furthermore, you will be on the internet. Yeah, people will start to find you on the Google by typing your name.
  • Respect in the society.
  •  Away from the bad habit, Actually you would not have much time for it.
  • Foreign trips for the conferences.(free of cost)
  • If you are very diligent, you can start your own company or an institute in your research field.

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