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11 Differences Between a Thesis and an Article

 Journal article and thesis are two important formats of reports in academia. There are certain differences between the thesis and article. The aim of the thesis is totally different from a journal article. Being a researcher, understanding the differences between both kind of academic writing is very essential.

11 Differences Between a Thesis and an Article

Differences Between a Thesis and an Article

RequirementsA thesis should meet the academic requirements. It may differ from one institution to another.An article should meet journal standards. It depends on a journal you publish
ReviewersIt usually reviewed by selected committee members from different countries.It reviewed by a panel of reviewers selected from the journal.
OrganizationThesis consist of various chaptersAn article consists of various sections.
Word lengthThere is no particular word limit in thesis writing. (approx 25,000 words)Word limits are applicable to an article based on the journal. (approx 5000 words)
FormatThesis formatted as a table of content mannerA journal article should follow a manuscript format.
AbstractThe length of the thesis abstract is longer than a journal paper. (approx 350 words)Abstract in the article is smaller in length. (approx 150 to 250 words)
IntroductionA detailed introduction is required.A concise introduction is required.
LiteratureLengthy research of literatureShorter literature in the context of the particular work.
MethodsDiscuss detailed research methodology carried in the thesisDiscuss specific methodology and experiments conducted.
FindingsAll findings should be presented in the thesis.Only selected findings need to be presented in an article.
DiscussionA thesis requires a complete discussion about the results and findings.An article requires concise discussion about the result.


Hope, this article helps you to distinguish the difference between a thesis and an article.


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