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Portico now hosts content from 11 open access e-journals from Medknow


Portico now hosts content from 11 peer-reviewed medical journals from Medknow Publications. The titles listed below are no longer available on any online platform; therefore, they were "triggered" and are freely accessible to the community through the Portico archive. These titles were initially published in open access and will remain in open access via Portico.

  • Annals of Bioanthropology
  • European Journal of Prosthodontics
  • Indian Journal of Human Genetics
  • International Journal of Shoulder Surgery
  • Journal of HIV and Human Reproduction
  • Journal of Human Health
  • Journal of Medical Investigations and Practice
  • Journal of Orthodontic Research
  • Journal of Surgical Technique and Case Report
  • Nigerian Journal of Surgical Research
  • Sudan Medical Monitor

The key data about the triggered titles, including the stable URLs, are available in this spreadsheet

Portico ensures ongoing access to content that is no longer available through its original publisher or a successor. To date, we have triggered 138 items, 114 of them open access. A full list of triggered content is available to view or download. Learn how to manage access to triggered and open content


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