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6 Steps to Select a Right Journal to Publish your Research Paper


Choosing the right journal to submit the scientific manuscript is a really difficult task. If you chose the wrong journals or the wrong journals, you will be wasting your good time in graduate school. Also, it will create more frustration.

Inappropriate Newspapers: Submitting a research article to inappropriate newspapers is a common mistake, but the result will be unfortunate. If you submit your article to a journal that is not suitable for your area of ​​research, the journal editors will reject the manuscript before peer review. Thus, finding the right journal increases the chances that your manuscript will be accepted.

Think before acting

How do you select a good journal to publish your research paper?

1. Use Journal Finder

Most major publishers provide a free tool called "Journal Finder", which helps identify the right journal appropriate for the research area with a relevant keyword to publish the manuscript. some of the journal search tools are given below.

IEEE publication recommender

Researcher Wiley Jounal

Elsvier Newspaper Finder

Springer Nature Journal Suggester

Edanz Newspaper Selector

Cofactor Log Selector

2. What type of article accepted by the journal?

Before submitting your manuscript, check the types of articles accepted by the journal (Journal, Case Study or Theorem). Ensuring the journal's publication policy will reduce more time in selecting the right journal.

3. Get expert recommendations

Getting a view of the journal from academics or senior professors is a good idea to select the journal. If they have already published their article in this journal, they would have sufficient knowledge about the procedures of the journal.

4. Analysis log measurements

The journal Analysis's impact factor (IF) is a measure of its reputation, but not always the most important. You should consider the prestige of the authors who publish in the journal and whether your research is of a similar standard.

5. Check the publication frequency

The different journal has a different schedule of the review process, always check the frequency of publication (monthly, quarterly or twice a year) before submitting your manuscript.

6. Articles published in the literature

Analyze articles published in your field that have similar scope and impact in the field, and see where they have been published. This is an easy way to select the journal by checking the publication of your literature review article.

Always select two or three choices from an appropriate journal in your area of ​​research. if your article is rejected from your first choice journal, you can quickly submit it to your second choice journal.

Important tips before choosing a newspaper

  • Read or download the guide for authors.
  • Check that the journal's topics match your research area.
  • Check if the journal is invitation-only as some journals will only accept articles after inviting the author.
  • Submit your article to only one journal at a time.
  • Read the objectives and scope of the review.
  • If you need to publish open access, be aware that most Elsevier journals have open access options explained on the journal home page.
  • Check journal performance for review and publication deadlines.

Hope this article helps you select the right journal to publish your valuable scientific research article. 


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