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5 Types of Research Articles


Scientific journals publish different types of manuscripts depending on the scope and requirements of the research articles in the journal. In addition, articles published by journals fall into the following types, namely original research article, review article, short reports or letters, case studies and methodologies. In this article, we provides the 5 most common types of manuscripts.

5 Types of Research Articles

5 Types of Research Articles - Manuscript for Review

A manuscript is research work that a researcher writes and submits to journal publications. Manuscripts are reviewed by peer reviewers appointed by journal editors to maintain the quality of the publication. Therefore, published manuscripts will help other researchers in the field to understand research methodologies, experiences and work results.

1. Research paper

This is the most common type of journal manuscript. It can be called an original article, a research article, or just an article, depending on the journal.

The original research format is suitable for many different fields and different types of study. It includes the full introductory, methods, results and discussion sections.

8 important steps in writing a research paper

2. Review the articles

Journal articles provide a comprehensive summary of research on a certain topic and perspective on the state of the field and its direction.

They are often written by leaders of a particular discipline after an invitation from the editors of a journal.


Critical research articles are often widely read and cited. These articles are read by researchers looking for a comprehensive introduction to a field.

Journals typically cite around 100 primary research articles.

3. Short communication

Short communication articles are articles that communicate brief reports of data from original research. Subsequently, the editors believe that this article will be of interest to many researchers. Thus, the submitted article will likely stimulate further research in the field.

As they are relatively short, the format is useful for scientists whose results are urgent (eg, those in highly competitive or rapidly changing disciplines).


The short communication format often has strict length limits. Therefore, some experimental details may not be published until the authors write a complete original research manuscript. Also, this type of article is sometimes called Brief Communications.

4. Case studies

The case study article reports specific examples of interesting phenomena.

One of the goals of the case studies is to make other researchers aware of the possibility that a specific phenomenon is occurring.


In addition, this type of study is often used in medicine to report the onset of previously unknown or emerging symptoms.

5. Methods document

These types of manuscripts present a new method, test or experimental procedure.

The described method can either be completely new or offer a better version of an existing method.


The article should describe a demonstrable advance on what is currently available.


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