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Postdoc Positions in Robotics and IoT Lab – Prince Sultan University

 Prince Sultan University, Center of Excellence Robotics and Internet-of-Things Lab (RIOTU) invites applications for the postdoc positions in the Robotics and Internet of Things(IoT) lab.

Internet of Things (IoT) at RIOTU Lab

  • One of the main objectives of the position is to develop solutions for large-scale IoT systems that guarantee the quality of service and also meeting IoT requirements, namely scalability, energy-efficiency, interoperability, etc. 
  • Concrete use cases related to smart city (e.g smart parking, waste management, smart grid, etc). RIOTU have a strong collaboration with big IoT companies in Saudi Arabia, namely Elm Company and MachinesTalk.
  • RIOTU further like to investigate the effectiveness of edge computing strategy in dealing with the scalability of the IoT and reducing the processing load and energy consumption in data centres.
  • In addition, RIOTU leverages the use of service-oriented architecture to develop things as services in the cloud, such as a robot as a service, drone as a service, etc.
  • RIOTU have already developed our own platform for the monitoring and control of robots and drones over the Internet.
  • RIOTU is extending this platform to support multi-robot collaboration, in addition, to the integration of security and safety functions.
Postdoc Positions in Robotics and IoT Lab
The mission of the Robotics and Internet of Things lab is to develop innovative solutions for these three areas.
In particular, RIOTU aim at developing protocols, services and intelligent algorithms to use these systems through the Internet while integrating them into the cloud. The objective of cloud integration is to 
(1) virtualize the access to these systems through abstract interfaces,
(2) take advantage of cloud resources to offload computations from these systems to the cloud.
RIOTU are also interested in developing deep learning solutions to analyze data collected from robots/drones/sensors in different contexts of applications, such as surveillance, people behaviour monitoring, self-driving systems, disaster management, crowd management, etc.
  • Hold PhD in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Robotics or related fields
  • PhD degree obtained in the last three years
  • Has published at least 3 high quality journal papers during his PhD (minimun eligbility requirement)
  • Research interest and expertise in one of the aforementioned areas of interest
  • Good programming and software development skills
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and in a team
  • Be very dynamic and self-motivated
  • Excellent writing skills of technical and research papers in English
  • Excellent spoken skills in English
  • Excellent communication skills and a proven ability to deliver on challenging software development tasks
Applications will be open until otherwise notified.
The Fellowship provides:
  • Monthly salary (based on the research record)
  • Round-trip economy airfare
  • Medical insurance
  • Conference and fieldwork grants
  • Additional financial benefits (provided in the job offer)

How and what to apply?

Interested individuals should email their curriculum vitae, a research statement, a sample of publications, and two letters of reference (under a separate cover) to Dr. Ahmed Yamani ( at the Rector Office at Prince Sultan University and to the Robotics and Internet of Things Lab (riotu at psu dot edu dot sa).
More Information:

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