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AAFM - Advances and Applications in Fluid Mechanics

AAFM - Advances and Applications in Fluid Mechanics

ISSN: 0973-4686

The Advances and Applications in Fluid Mechanics is a peer reviewed journal which publishes original research papers based on theoretical, computational or experimental investigations devoted to any aspect of fluid mechanics. Broadly, topics such as flow of compressible and incompressible fluid, hydrodynamics, hydrotechnology, boundary layer flow, lubrication, turbulence, flow in porous media, and multiphase flow are some covered by the journal.

AAFM - Advances and Applications in Fluid Mechanics

Work in fluid mechanics based on mathematical modelling, numerical methods or simulation are promoted. Articles dealing with applications of fluid mechanics in civil engineering, geosciences, biological sciences and aerodynamics are highly encouraged. Survey articles covering findings in certain direction capable to create an avenue for further investigation are welcome.

Frequency :
The AAFM is published in four issues per volume annually appearing in January, April, July and October.

Accommodation : 

Original copies, in copy, might be submitted to the Editor-in-Chief or Managing Editor or to a Member of the Editorial Board for thought in the Advances and Applications in Fluid Mechanics at the location of the Publisher

The paper must be written just on one side in twofold separating with a liberal edge all round.

Articles got are instantly put the officials/individuals from the Editorial Board for their supposition who for the most part go on the same in six week's chance or less. If there should be an occurrence of clear suggestion for production, the paper is obliged in an issue to show up next. Papers in copy with a letter of accommodation might be submitted at the accompanying location:

Theoretical and References : 

Creators are asked for to give a theoretical of not more than 250 words, most recent Mathematics Subject Classification, Keywords and phrases. Explanations of Lemmas, Propositions and Theorems ought to be set in italics and references ought to be organized in sequential request by the surname of the primary creator in the accompanying style:

Figures : 

Figures ought to be sent as: reasonable duplicate on paper, at whatever point conceivable scaled to around 200%, or as EPS record (Encapsulated PostScript). What's more, all figures and tables ought to be numbered and the proper space held in the content, with the insertion point obviously demonstrated.

Copyright : 

It is accepted that the submitted composition has not been distributed and won't be at the same time submitted or distributed somewhere else. By presenting an original copy, the writers concur that the copyright for their articles is exchanged to the distributer, if and when, the paper is acknowledged for production. The distributer can't assume the liability of any loss of composition. Accordingly, creators are asked for to keep up a duplicate at their end.

Proofs : 

One arrangement of cookroom verifications of a paper will be sent to the creator presenting the paper, unless asked for something else, without the first original copy, for revisions after the paper is acknowledged for production on the premise of the suggestion of arbitrators. Rectifications ought to be confined to typesetting mistakes; whatever other amendments might be charged to the creators. Creators are encouraged to check their confirmations painstakingly before return. Adjusted confirmations are to be come back to the distributers.

Reprints : 

A quarter century of a paper are given to the creators ex-complimentary. Extra arrangements of reprints might be requested at the season of confirmation amendment.

Recurrence : 

The Advances and Applications in Fluid Mechanics is distributed in 2 volumes yearly and every volume includes two issues showing up in January, April, July and October.

Abstracting, Indexing: 

  • Scientific Reviews
  • MathSciNet
  • Google Scholar
  • IndexCopernicus Data
  • Zentralblatt hide Mathematik
  • EBSCOhost
  • Ulrich's web
  • ProQuest

Editors, AAFM, Pushpa Publishing House
Vijaya Niwas, 198, Mumfordganj
Allahabad-211002, India

AAFM - Advances and Applications in Fluid Mechanics

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