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Scopus indexed Indian journals 2

Scopus indexed Indian journals, all Indian journals listed in scopus base.

Scopus indexed Indian journals

Scopus indexed Indian journals

In the following link, more than 300 journals are indexed in Scopus -India. good luck.

ISSN                    Title available in the                                                                
03795136             Indian Journal of Marine Sciences
09715851             Indian Journal of Medical and Paediatric Oncology
02550857             Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology
09715916             Indian Journal of Medical Research
03679012             Indian Journal of Medical Research, Supplement
00195359             Indian Journal of Medical Sciences
00468991             Indian Journal of Microbiology
09760504             Indian Journal of Natural Products and Resources
09714065             Indian Journal of Nephrology
09723919             Indian Journal of Nuclear Medicine
00195278             Indian Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
03014738             Indian Journal of Ophthalmology
00195413             Indian Journal of Orthopaedics
00195421             Indian Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery
09717749             Indian Journal of Otology
09731075             Indian Journal of Palliative Care
03774929             Indian Journal of Pathology and Microbiology
00195456             Indian Journal of Pediatrics
0019-5464             Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research
0250-474X            Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
02537613             Indian Journal of Pharmacology
02529262             Indian Journal of Physics
00195499             Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology
09700358             Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery
09729607             Indian Journal of Practical Pediatrics
00195545             Indian Journal of Psychiatry
02537176             Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine
0019557X            Indian journal of public health
0019-5588             Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics
00195596             Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics
03678393             Indian Journal of Radio and Space Physics
09733698             Indian Journal of Rheumatology
0974-6846             Indian Journal of Science and Technology
02537184             Indian Journal of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
00195634             Indian Journal of Social Work
00195650             Indian Journal of Surgery
09709134             Indian Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
09725938             Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge
00195707             Indian Journal of Tuberculosis
09701591             Indian Journal of Urology
09702822             Indian Journal of Virology
09726292             Indian Pacing and Electrophysiology Journal
00196061             Indian Pediatrics
00196479             Indian Veterinary Journal
09731903             International Journal of Agricultural and Statistical Sciences
09736077             International Journal of Applied Environmental Sciences
09731377             International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics
09757058             International Journal of Applied Pharmaceutics
09740635             International Journal of Artificial Intelligence
09747788             International Journal of Ayurveda Research
0972768X            International Journal of Chemical Sciences
09744290             International Journal of ChemTech Research
09729038             International Journal of Computer Science and Applications
09733930             International Journal of Diabetes in Developing Countries
09759344             International Journal of Drug Development and Research
09745904             International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering
09729984             International Journal of Ecology and Development
0972-9380             International Journal of Economic Research
0975-4024             International Journal of Engineering and Technology
09738258             International Journal of Green Pharmacy
09723757             International Journal of Human Genetics
2231525X            International Journal of Imaging and Robotics
09720448             International Journal of Medical Toxicology and Legal Medicine
09731318             International Journal of Performability Engineering
09756299             International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences
09754873             International Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemical Research
09751491             International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
09744304             International Journal of PharmTech Research
0972656X            International Journal of Plastics Technology
09724907             International Journal of Regulation and Governance
09757538             International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences
09756809             International Journal of Systems Assurance Engineering and Management
09729976             International Journal of Tomography and Statistics
09747753             International Journal of Trichology
09753060             International Journal of Vehicle Structures and Systems
00208817             International Studies

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