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RELX Group

RELX Group (pronounced "Rel-ex") is a British multinational information and analytics company headquartered in London. It operates in four market segments: scientific, technical and medical; risk and business analytics; legal; and exhibitions.
RELX PLC is a publicly-listed holding company with shares traded on the London Stock ExchangeAmsterdam Stock Exchangeand New York Stock Exchange using the following ticker symbols: London: REL, Amsterdam: REN, New York: RELX. The company is one of the constituents of the FTSE 100 IndexFinancial Times Global 500 and Euronext 100 Index.
The company operates in 40 countries and serves customers in over 180 nations. About 55 per cent of the company’s revenues are generated from the US, with 23 per cent from Europe and 22 per cent from the rest of the world.

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