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Applied GIS

Applied GIS

About Applied GIS

In 2005 Jim Peterson set up the journal for those researchers whose work depends on the sort of  coloured maps which conventional publishers are reluctant to accommodate.

For two years Applied GIS was published by the Monash University E-Press in Melbourne, Australia, but in 2007 it became free and open source, thanks to Monash University Library who agreed to store all published papers in their Arrow  repository.

We encourage submissions by researchers from both the “applied remote sensing” and the “applied social science” parts of the GIS community.


  • Without referees there would be no journal, so we are extremely grateful to:-
  • Abhijeet Zende, Adam Lewis, Alberto Pistocchi, Andy Krause, Andy McAllister, Angus Webb, Anjana Vyas, Ashvin Bhikharidas, Aurambout, Abhijit Zende
  • Biswajeet Pradhan,
  • Charlie Schweik, Chris Belman, Chris Brunsdon, Claudia Pelizaro, C.M. Bhatt,
  • Darren Smith, Dave Bulman, David Griffin, David Gibson, Dipak Paudyal,
  • Elizabeth Morse-McNabb, Emilia Malcata,
  • Fiona Cawkwell, Fraser Taylor,
  • Gang-Jun Liu, Görres Grenzdörffer, Graham Currie
  • Heather MacDonald,
  • Jaeyong Yoo, Jai Lee, Jason Beringer, Jean-Philippe Aurambout, Jennifer Rankin, John Dickey, John Garnham, John Grindrod, Joshphar Kunapo, Jun Tsutsumi,
  • Kamal Jain, Karl Kim, Karl Wegmann, Kate Sherren, Kevin O’Connor, Kim Lowell,
  • Leon Bren,
  • Mark Imhof, Mohammad Ishfaq,
  • Nedal Al-Hanbali, Neil Stuart, Nigel Flannigan, Nikolaos Galiatsatos, Noresah Shariff,
  • Padraig Corcoran, Pantelis Soupios, Paul Zandberg, Pauline Byrt, Peter Tischer,
  • Ray Wyatt, Ron West, Ronit Peled,
  • Salvador Bayarri, Shobhit Chandra, Son Nguyen, Somporn Sangawongse, Steve Williams, Stewart Fotheringham, Sudha Yerramilli,
  • Tanvir Huda, Tony Ladson, Tuncay Kulell,
  • Walter Volker, Wei Luo,
  • Xian Liu, Xiaoye Liu, Xuan Zhu,
  • Yamishita Fujii, Yasser Elshayeb.


Social Sciences, Computers in Earth Sciences



Applied GIS
Monash University ePress

ISSN: 1832-5505
Availability: 2005-present

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